Realtime News Tool Thoora now in Public Beta

Thoora, a new news tool to access news from blogs and conventional sources, is available to the public now in a beta version.

The service identifies the most popular stories on the web by an own ranking system and assorts the stories into categories in realtime. The service covers about 5000 traditional news sources, the blogosphere and Twitter. An interesting feature is aggregated access to the sources of a story, which happens by an arrow displayed by mouse over. By click on the arrow one reaches a page displaying the most popular sources and information about a story including the number of sources within a timeline and other parameters. Beside the popular sources all other sources are accessible and a tab named discuss enables to connect with others.

At all up to now Thoora is rather a tool to retrieve news and to get information about the popularity of stories instead of being what is so popular now, a news sharing tool. Too, the service relies on its own ranking system and does not enable to rate on the stories. Further information on how Thoora gathers and assorts information is given at the faq.

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