Semantic Content Discovery Tool

Gyzork is a very interesting content discovery tool, that combines several up to date technologies. The application uses semantic technologies to find content, which means retrieving information by additional added information to a document indicating its meaning. To find information Gyzork offers three way to get started, by using a category, describing the subject or by using a bookmarklet. Now the application starts to search for other documents with relevant content. By using an agent technology Gyzork will find permanently new relevant documents.

There are different semantic technologies on the market and one official standard is developed by the internet authority W3C, which is called the Semantic Web. The problem in the case of information retrieval is the need of documents to be indexed, which is not the case to all content at the internet. By this one may find most relevant documents, but with a limited choice. Things may change in the future, as semantic technologies are a trend synonymously described with Web 3.0.

To get further information about Gyzork and the underlying technology visit the Gyzork and the homepage of TextWise, the provider of the service.

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