Chat Rooms with Following Functions 1

Syncronizer is a chat community offering an innovative function by providing a following tool like it is known from social networks. But in this case the following function is used to follow topics posted to a chat room and not to follow status updates of users, which in some way is equal to the character of a monitoring tool. This enables to keep informed about topics, if someone is not able to attend a chat session.

Furthermore the chat rooms have uncommon qualities. These do not exist for the moments of action alone but for longer time spans, which is giving the character of a message board to the service. TechCrunch writes about Syncronizer being a novel in the range of chat applications and sees similarities to success stories like Facebook by both having started on a campus. Whereas this is a long way and because by the presence of the large social networks this will be diffecult, this application would be an interesting addition to already existing social networking tools and especially to online chat communities.

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