Social News Clipping as Story Format 1

The launch of the new storytelling service Storify has been awaited eagerly and now the service is available in public beta. The service enables to collect various kind of media available on the social web to create a story consisting of the best resources found. Media may include texts, photos, audio and video. The media may become arranged and connected by text to form a story. The created stories may become shared again on social networks to communicate a context of some circumstances.

At the faq Storify states, that additional function like an integrated search engine to find relevant sources and an api interface will follow. Last but not least the service has social networking functions itself by representing members in profile pages and enabling communications between participants. For further information access the article and video below and visit Storify.

Multimedia Reporting Tool Storify Now Available to Public

Storify demo from Burt Herman on Vimeo.

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