Nanoblogging opposed to Microblogs with Media Sharing

Nanoblogging is the opposite to the lately introduced microblogging services webdoc and imgur with their mix media and photo sharing facilities. Nanoblogging is what the just started Hycku is offering. Whereas the messages may have 255 signs the length of a message is determinated to just seven words.

This might be fun or just pragmatic to people. But the article Think 140 characters is short? Try 7 words with nanoblogging service Hycku is most critical about the new service and cites former popular microblogging services, which disappeared or having changed their subject. Different by the way is Tumblr, a still growing service with interesting features and a recommendation to all who like microblogging and have not tried it already. So one have to wait for the success or surprises brought up by Hycku.

Meanwhile Twitter itself is making rumors again by the launch of a new and enhanced design and new functions. This new design has been introduced at two press conferences at the same time, where the ongoing growth of the service has been mentioned and made to a key message. At this point it has to be reminded that the length of Twitter messages is 140 signs and that this length is equal to the length of the text messaging feature of mobile phones. And this is what Twitter mentioned to be the target or at least being an option to reach all 7 billion inhabitants of our planet. Some currently introduced numbers are 250 million posts each day and by this above 1 billion posts each week. These figures are still astonishing even as the internet has become an every day mean and it is even just more fascinating that this amount of messages becomes available by search engines in realtime or at least near realtime: How Twitter is unifying to reach 7 billion people.

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