Universal Address Books and Organizers

Cloud services and api interfaces are making it possible, the aggregation of various data at one place and accessible by any devices. This has started with social media aggregators delivering information about social networking activities to one single interface. What has started with the aggregation of social media activities now becomes available to address books and organizers with connex.io and fruux delivering exactly this.

connex.io is focussing on addresses and aggregates these data from various online services and software applications including address data from social networks as well as from Android and iOS devices. A clou is the automated update and current revision of the data and on the other hand the accessing data on any devices. Here an overview of supported services is given. To get further information visit the homepage of connex.io.

fruux has similar functions. It is less about social media but providing organizer features, which again are imported and accessible by supported devices including Nokia phones. The organizer has a feature called tasks, which may become defined in an unlimited number. To get further information visit fruux.

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