Feedly replaces Google Reader in just 2 Steps

The deactivation of Google Reader is nearing and if you are looking for an easy to use solution, you have to try Feedly. Feedly just needs two steps for the whole migration including the import of all data.

To migrate the data ensure that you are logged in at your Google account. Then visit the Feedly homepage and click „Get Feedly“. At the first step a browser app is installed immediately followed by asking for access to import your Google Reader data. This works with Google Chrome and Safari. If you use the Firefox browser, you need to restart the browser.

In the following you are ready to continue working with Feedly, which by a most similar user interface is just as easy as the migration. Additionally Feedly is offering some interesting features to publishers like feed optimization, branding by hashtags, android apps and last but not least an opportunity to monetize your newsfeed. To get further information or start immediately visit the homepage of Feedly.

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