News Aggregator with Artificial Intelligence

Prismatic is another news aggregator, which uses artificial intelligence to deliver the right articles related to your taste. The service is described by being reliable regarding the delivery of appropriate results.

Using the service starts with convenience by having a choice of all mayor sign in services and the opportunity to subscribe directly. After being logged in one finds a site filled with general up to date news articles. Typically here the work begins by having to define the most interested topics and the results of the work being promised to occur within a couple of days. At Prismatic there are four options located under each article, to recommend it, to share it, to mark an article for later and to delete a story. So I started favoring the most interesting stories and to delete those being off topic to my interests. Thinking about it now, I wonder that no FAQ are available on the site. But the service is clearly designed enabling to use it intuitive. By looking around for further features I clicked on the icon symbolizing the homepage and found an updated stream obviously already showing a feed filled with articles of my interest.

What else is in? Of course one is able to find people having the same interests and to follow them. Furthermore one may define particular topics to receive relevant articles. At all Prismatic indeed seems to be different by being fast and reliable. To learn more and check it out visit Prismatic.

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