Social Network based on Peer to Peer

The peer to peer technology, the direct connection of computers, has led to controversial appearances like file sharing as well as to innovative solutions of different kinds like search engines or like in this case to social networking software. The technology is most efficient by using existing computer power and by connecting up to millions of computers it reaches more computing capacity than supercomputers, something even used in sciences. Twister again is a new service taking use of this technology.

A Wired article introduces Twister in the context of the NSA scandal, something affecting Brazil as well, the home country of the developer of the service. Typically the data generated by social networks belong to the company running the network. This is different to peer to peer projects. As the participants do run the network by having the software installed and the data being just transported via the open internet, there is no central point to gather the data. Furthermore Twister is open source and by its design protected to display data to third parties. The features of Twister are those of a microblogging service. To get further information read this Wired article and visit Twister.

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