Tiny Site lands literary Viral Hit

Stories for your Screen
is just a tiny site, but it landed a literary viral hit with the story „annie96 is typing“.

It seems that the site is something like a private blog and not a service to participate in as no information has been found on the site. There are a couple of short stories on it and one story is extraordinary. In the story „annie96 is typing“ the screen of a messaging app like WhatsApp is simulated. The text appears by messages and each message has to be activated by a click by the reader. This is fun and made the site most popular with above 100000 likes just on Facebook alone: annie96 is typing.

As you see time is changing and new kinds of storytelling formats do appear. This is fun and fascinating and a main topic of this blog like the article about the realtime storytelling service Hi. The history of interactive storytelling by the way goes back to 1960, when by Xanadu a first of its kind interactive storytelling project in the style of a bulletin board happened. At the early internet this has been continued by Hypertext Fiction and now we are in an era of realtime and mobile internet, which lately become more popular than the web.

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