Social Network for Art enables to create Collections by Images from Museums

About art there are a lot of sites available, with information, auction sites and shops, social networks and museums. Really innovative in this reach is a service provided by Artsy.

Artsy manages comprehensive information about various forms of art. This information is in part coming directly from museums, well known galleries or art auctions. The users of the site are able to use this information to create own collections of images or about art styles. Currently a database of about 300000 images about art, design and architecture are available covering about 40000 artists. Regarding contemporary art Artsy has the largest database worldwide.

Beside the images the service provides information, which as well is directly provided by museums or other institutions. Furthermore and to manage the information and to classify it Artsy itself is running an own classification system called the Art Genome Project.

At all Artsy is an enrichment to online services about art and especially to art lovers: Artsy.

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