Innovative Search Engine ensures Privacy

The new search engine Hulbee comes up with an innovative concept and with the guarantee to not gather any data from users. If you observe the search engine market, you may be aware that new search engines often start in beta modus and may not satisfy your needs. This is not the case with Hulbee. The search engine provides rich search results and is able to delight by a new concept.

Hulbee is provided by a Swiss software company, which uses modern technologies to drive the search engine. One already becomes aware about the comfort by the speed the results show up. This is caused by data cloud technology. Furthermore artificial intelligence is used to understand the search queries, which leads to visualized suggestions to refine the search results. Hulbee describes itself by being an intelligent answer engine. Under About Hulbee there is even a statement that „No one has more responses than“.

By its features and comfort Hulbee gets a real chance to become an alternate to the large search engines and to establish itself in the market. There is at least one successful example with a similar approach, the search engine DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo as well does guarantee privacy and has a great performance, which led to a slowly but steadily growing part of the search engine market. To learn more about the new search engine Hulbee, visit the homepage: Hulbee.

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