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About FOLDEN eMarketing and iMedia Directory

FOLDEN is a directory of marketing related information and services arranged by categories. Furthermore the directory contains up to date innovative and entertaining interactive services related to the internet and converging media.

The added referrings, links, are selected by importance, information richness or performance. At the choice of information suppliers of independant services are preferred. Informative services of product suppliers are added, if the sources are most informative or if the supplier is leading by innovation.

Furthermore the FOLDEN directory offers several services supplied by third parties. Information on use of this services you will find by the topic Terms of Use.

The directory is revisioned monthly. The topics of the revision will be found at the homepage at 'Marketing News' and 'Internet Trends'. 'Marketing News' contains information services and services at all, 'Internet Trends' refers to studies, standards and decisions. Occasionally sources may also be inserted into rubrics beside revision. By this for researches beside surfing for an up to date request the use of the search function is recommended.

There are two versions of the database, in german and in english language, which do also contain other international services. But german spoken services are mainly added to the german version. Concerning Navigation and Arrangement please read: Navigation.

Whereas FOLDEN shows a lot of trends and proceedings of the development of the media a complete inclusion of all relevant information and services is not possible by monthly revision. To those who are offering a service and like to be included, please read: Advertising, B2B.

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