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The FOLDEN Directory and several further homepages are part of the FOLDEN Internet Portfolio. The FOLDEN Internet Portfolio is a web publishing project with target groups in the segments of Internet Marketing and iMedia, B2B, Entertainment and Consumer.

The target groups may become described by three segments. The biggest segment is in the Internet Marketing, iMedia and B2B reach (FOLDEN) followed by Entertainment (TRAEXS) and Shopping (eMAERKTE). The segments Internet Marketing and Media, B2B, and Entertainment consist of german and english spoken sites. (Overview of Homepages of the FOLDEN Internet Portfolio)

Furthermore with newsfeeds and podcasts there are several activities in the reach of the social web, which does include new forms of advertising. Up to date trends and new forms of advertising are part of ongoing research and may become integrated immediately, if suitable. Last but not least a know how transfer may become part of a partnership.

At a partnership the placement of advertising may happen immediately at free adspace, but by considering the proceedings of the project. Furthermore there is flexibility in developing particular parts (e.g. domains without comprehensive content). In general the complete rang of online communications is available including micro sites an the like. But because of the ongoing development and the participation of the project in this process possibilities of a partnership need to become considered in particular.

In general an engagement with valuable pay per view advertising is wanted.

For particular placements please read the following, if you are interested in a strategic partnership please read Partner wanted.

Advertising and Sponsoring

The integration of adverts at the FOLDEN Directory and services named above may happen by a firmly integrated banner, a textlink or by participation in an affiliate or referral program. Costs for a firmly integrated banner or the like in one or several rubrics are 100.- Euro for two month but negotiable. Sponsors are welcome, too.

For advertising, sponsoring or to suggest an affiliate or referral partnership please contact by the following email. For sponsors beside advertising individual services might be arranged.

service (at)
Please type Advertising-FOLDEN at the Subject Line.
(Write @ for (at). This procedure is necessary because of spam problems.)

FOLDEN.INFO - eMarketing & iMedia

This Area for Advertising or Sponsoring is available at every Page

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