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The FOLDEN Database is a Service of the FOLDEN Internet Portfolio. The Term FOLDEN Internet Portfolio summarizes several Internet Services and Service Offers of Mister Frank Brauer.

Overview FOLDEN Internet Portfolio

Mr. Frank Brauer
Bänschstrasse 40
D-10247 Berlin

Phone: (+49) 0700-36275387

Email: service (at)
Please type Contact-Information-FOLDEN at the Subject Line.
(Write @ for (at). This procedure is necessary because of spam problems.)

Further Contact by Phone and Information on Consulting Services

The business of FOLDEN and homepages of the FOLDEN Internet Portfolio is based on a Freelance Consulting Business. Beside the portals and homepages Consulting Services are offered especially focussed at german companies. Further services at this homepages are aimed to be offered at 'Premium Services' reachable from the Top Menu of this homepage, a part in further development. But if you are interested in consulting by the presentation of FOLDEN, please do not hesitate to contact by Email or Phone.

Information required at an Impressum by german Law
(TMG § 5, Allgemeine Informationspflichten)

The Services of the FOLDEN Internet Portfolio are based on a Freelance Consulting Business (Beratender Betriebswirt, EStG § 18). The own preconditions for the Consulting Business are a study of Business Administration (Allgemeine Betriebswirtschaft) and the Announcement of the Freelance Consulting Business at the local Inland (Internal) Revenue Office (Finanzamt Reinickendorf, Berlin). The special qualification consists in Marketing and Controlling as main focuses of the study and specialization on Marketing at the Internet and New Media.

The exact Term of the Business is:
Freelance Consultant (Freiberuflicher Unternehmensberater)

The exact Term of the Qualification is:
Diplom Betriebswirt Fachhochschule
The Degree has become acquired at Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland)

Umsatzsteuer Identifikationsnummer (USt-IdNr.): DE185065840
(Identification Number on VAT)

Source and Texts on the Definition of a Freelance Business (german only):
Definition Freiberuflicher Tätigkeit im Einkommensteuergesetz (s. EStG § 18)

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