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The FOLDEN Portfolio seeks Investors or Venture Capital

Venture Capital or a private Investor is wanted for the enrichment and improvement of a portfolio of internet services. The portfolio is actually in private possession.

The conditions for an investment consist in the portfolio of internet services, which consists of complete services in the vertical portal area, smaller product offers, prepared projects and human capital. By given know how the services will be improved and established by best use of the potentials of the internet, further services at and on the internet will be integrated. Further activities are premium services as well as content and consulting.

Use of the capital would aim to found a business with a legal status at first, where the given conditions of the services and the situation allow a relatively small amount for an investment. Especially the strategy concerning the amount of capital seeks to take use of online available applications and application service providers. By the way, this strategy has given the name of the mark FOLDEN, which does reflect the open environment of the internet opposite to the term Folder.

For the investment an investor is wanted, who allows a maximum of flexibility and independance for the project. But the desired flexibility and independance should not exclude possible Win Win Situations, where a partnership with an Application Service Provider in the reach of Content Management and Personalization or AdServing might be most desirable. Appropriately the minimum amount of an investment corresponds to a typical amount of sponsoring. Concerning the amount of an investment there are several scenariums for the project reflecting the amount of an investment, where a foundation is the main target.

The main reach of the portfolio actually is in the publishing area of vertical portals. Next possible steps will be an engagement at the content area with own texts and maybe studies and furthermore content at the entertainment area with own productions. By the choice of future employees also technological ambitions might concern. Especially these possible advancements into profitable segments and an environment with surprising developments as exemplarily entertainment reach has shown do require flexibilty.

As investment a pure financing is welcome as well as venture capital or businesses seeking synergies. Concerning a pure financial investment the benefits are evident and defined by the main target of profiblity and would result in shares of the profit or possible but more far goals like a possible public offering. Synergetic effects already can be found by advertising possibilities at the services (s.a. Advertising, B2B). In the short or medium term at these platforms more advanced technological features will be integrated, where further synergetic effects might be reached.

The amount of the requested capital might seem to be unusual, but it is strengthed by the early past and confirms the strategic approach of the whole project in a very diversified market and its orientation by the Mini Max principle.

Primeval Investments:

  • Renting of Business Office
  • Purchase of Appliances, Computer
  • Combining of the Portfolio and existing Business Activities in a Firm
  • Enrichment of Products and Services
  • Current Costs: The current Costs would be most influenced by the amount of employees and the number of employees by the investment. Actually the project is operated by one person. For a minimum investment the costs are calculated by about $ 2000.- per month.
  • Amount of an Investment: A desired investment is at least $ 20000.- up to $ 250000.-. The Business Plan aims to reach profitability after 6 month.
  • About the Owner: Study of Business Administration with Focus on Marketing and Controlling, Specialization on eMarketing
  • Overview of the Portfolio of Internet Services
  • Most important English spoken Services:
    FOLDEN - Directory on eMarketing
    TRAEXS - Directory of Free Entertainment Sites

Interested Parties may use the following Address, Phone or Email:

Mr. Frank Brauer
Bänschstrasse 40
D-10247 Berlin

Telefon: (+49) 0700 EMARKETS or (+49) 0700-36275387

Email: service (at)
Please type Investment-in-FOLDEN at the Subject Line.
(Write @ for (at). This procedure is necessary because of spam problems.)

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