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Integration of Links and Exchange of Links

The FOLDEN directory is revised monthly by observation of up to date trends. Thereby not every service or innovative product is noticed. If you have a service, which you would like to become listed you may do this by payment.
The amount for integration is a one time fee of 40.- US Dollars.

Concerning exchanging links, look at the bottom.

Conditions on Paid Link Integration

The amount for the integration of links to a related internet site in one or exceptional more rubrics is 40.- US Dollars and happens within 48 hours, if required information is available. The durance of integration is unlimited. Precondition for integration is the relevance to a topic included at the directory. The topic, where the integration should happen may become choosen or suggested. Choosen topics need to become approved.

The integration ends, if the topic of one of the services has changed and became irrelevant to the other. Integration do end, too, if one of the services has become terminated. At the point of integration on the side of FOLDEN neither the termination of the service is planned nor should this happen to a relevant topic.

In the case that within three month after integration because of general changes of the development at the internet a rubric and its topic have become irrelevant to the directory and need to be deleted the paid amount may become refunded, if the customer asked to do so. In the case that the service FOLDEN becomes sold, the customer will get back a proportional part of the paid amount. If deletion of a rubric happens after three month of the integration, there will no refund. No refund does also happen, if the deletion of a link is required by law.

Contact and Payment

If you are interested, please use the following email for contact. Please be sure that 'Paid-Link-FOLDEN' is mentioned at the subject line and insert the internet address of the service and, if choosen, a desired rubric into the text body. By answer you will get information, if the integration is feasible and suggestions on a rubric. If negotiation has been successful, you will be asked for a billing address and get payment information and invoice by answer. The payment may happen by bank transfer or PayPal.

Email: service (at)
Please type Paid-Link-FOLDEN at the Subject Line.
(Write @ for (at). This procedure is necessary because of spam problems.)

Exchange of Links

If you got yourself a homepage on online marketing, internet marketplaces or software you may use the email address above to suggest the exchange of links.

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