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To find information a search tool, menu at the homepage and theme menus, a sitemap and a list of topics from A-Z are available. Links at the directory are related to corresponding topics e.g. like Shopping and Auctions. The Theme Menus are assorted by topics like markets, where one will find B2B markets beside shopping. At the Topics A-Z list particular terms like video are listed, which are linked like described. The SiteMap gives further information about services at the FOLDEN Directory and internal information like advertising.

Similar to the list of Topics A-Z the searchfunction can be used to find information. By the searchfunction one may search inside the FOLDEN Homepage or the web. To get good results by searching insite the FOLDEN Homepage and because of the restriction of terms in use at the FOLDEN Homepage alone one should use simple words or pairs of terms.

The particular rubrics are assorted alphabetically. Furthermore the rubrics may contain very specific information and information of more common interests. If there are no related links aside referring to more specific information the most specific information is listed below and can be reached by a simple scrolling fast.

To classify the rubrics some particular terms are used. Whereas most of the listed services are in english and targeting an international audience the terms 'International' and 'Geographic' are related to particular countries worldwide. The term 'Information' is related to information sources, 'Innovations' beside 'Devices' relates to applications, software or information, too.

Last but not least, there are two language versions, english and german. German spoken services are listed at the german part only. The german version is located at FOLDEN.DE.

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