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Advertising Organizations

New Media, Common

Identification System for Advertising


CMO Council Communications, Technology

CTVMA, Connected Television Marketing Association

Digital Place-Based Advertising Association

eMarketing Association

IAB, Interactive Advertising Bureau

IAB Europe

Local Search Guide Industry Association

The Marketing Automation Institute
Community and Certification of Marketing Automation Technologies

MMA, Mobile Marketing Association

NAI, Network Advertising Initiative

Initiative, Realtime Bidding

PMA, Promotional Marketing Association Ad Measurement Initiative

VBMA, Viral and Buzz Marketing Association

Yellow Pages Association

Your Online Choices
Self Regulation on Behavioral Targeting in Europe

AdMark UK Trustmark

Common Advertising Organizations

New Media, Common


AEF, Advertising Education Forum

AEF, Advertising Educational Foundation

ahaa, Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies

ARF, Advertising Research Foundation

AIG, The Advertising Information Group EU Initiative

ASA, Advertising Standards Authority UK

Association of Directory Marketing

EASA, European Advertising Standards Alliance

GWA (German Advertising Association)

WARC, World Advertising Research Center

TVB, Television Bureau of Advertising

Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau

CTAM, Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing

Radio Advertising Bureau

AAAA, American Association of Advertising Agencies

IPTC, International Press Telecommunications Council

SEMA, Specialty Equipment Market Association

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