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Mobile Internet, Information

Business Information on Wireless Communications and Mobile Internet, Business Intelligence

3G Newsroom
News, Papers

The 3G Portal

The 4G Portal

Google Initiative on Fostering the Mobile Business

Long Term Evolution of the 3GPP radio technology
Development of Broadband Wireless Standards
Information: 3GPP

Cellular News

Daily Wireless

Eye for Wireless

Fierce Mobile Content


France Mobiles

Inside Mobile Apps
Expert Information


ME, Mobile Entertainment

Mobile Advertising News

Mobile Commerce Daily
Expert Information

Mobile Communications International

Mobile Social Media

Mobile Entertainment

Mobile Europe

Mobile Business Information

Mobile Handset DesignLine
Technical Information

Mobile Marketer
Mobile Marketing News

Mobile Monday
News and Business Community

Mobile Pipeline

Mobile Quality
Information Service


Mobile Weblog

Mobile Youth

Mobile Content

MS Mobiles
Microsoft powered Cell Phone News

Nielsen Mobile
Market Research and Business Intelligence
Mobile News, Specifications

Planet Mobile Web, W3
Aggregated Mobile Media News

SMS Text News
Mobile Media News
SMS, MMS Information

The Boy Genius Report
Information Weblog

UMTS World


Wireless Developer Network

Wireless NewsFactor

Wireless Tech Radio

Wireless Week

Surveys 3G Mobile
Studies: GSA

Mobile Broadcasting

For Broadcasting in general see also Television, Convergence.

Information, Mobile Broadcasting, IMS, Organizations

Mobile TV News

Provider Mobile Television, Radio

DMB, Digital Multimedia Broadcasting, Digital Video Broadcasting

Mobile TV Standard and Mobile TV via Satellit

DVB-H Interest Group

bmcoforum, Broadcast Mobile Convergence Forum

Mobile DTV Alliance
Industry Consortium and Standardization

IMS, IP Multimedia Subsystem

Introduction to IMS by Wikipedia


Open IMS


Wireless Associations and Standards

For Initiatives at Telecommunications in general and VoIP see Telecommunications, Information und VoIP, Business Solutions.

SIM Alliance

160Characters Association
SMS, Messaging

3GPP, Third Generation Mobile System

BMCO Forum, Broadcast Mobile Convergence Forum

Broadband Wireless Association

CTIA Wireless Industry Association
CTIA Industry Directory

GSA, Global Mobile Suppliers Association

GSC, Global Standards Collaboration
Industry Meeting on Convergence at Telecommunications

GSM World
GSM Association Resource

EDGE Platform
Information, GSM World
Open Source Project

IMS Forum
IP Convergence

IMS Standard, Project

MDA, The Mobile Data Association

MEF, Mobile Entertainment Forum

MICC, Mobile Internet Content Coalition

Mobey Forum
Mobile Commerce Forum

MultimediaCard Association

OMA, Open Mobile Alliance

OMTP, Open Mobile Terminal Platform
Industry Forum, Publikationen

Open Handset Alliance

CMLA, Content Management License Administrator
Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Digital Rights Management (DRM)

OMTP, Open Mobile Terminal Platform

OSS through Java Initiative
Telecommunications Convergence Platform

Mobile Standard

UMA Technology
Seamless Networking

UMTS Forum

WCAI, Wireless Communications Association International

Mobile Access, W3C

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