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ASP / SaaS Mobile Applications

Hosted Mobile Applications, managed Data Services and Telecommunications.

Services, Messaging

Hosted Email and Messaging Solutions

On Enterprise Email and Messaging Solutions see also Email Software, Collaborative Commerce und Email Security.

Services, Messaging

Hosted SMS, MMS Messaging and Videomail Services
Hosted Email Solutions

Hosted Applications, Chat, Messaging

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ASP Information
ASP Hosting

M-Business, Applications
M-Commerce, Solutions
Mobile Advertising
Mobile Marketing
Mobile Social Media
Location based Services
Unified Messaging

ASP - Diverse Applications
ASP - BackUp, Storage
ASP - Communities, Portals
ASP - Graphics, Print
ASP - Information Management
ASP - Intranets, Extranets, VPN
ASP - Marketing, Sales
ASP - Mobile, Messaging
ASP - Office, Administrations
ASP - Shops, Logistics
ASP - Stream, Conferencing

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Shop Software, ASP
CRM Applications
Media Management
Email, Webmail
Collaborative Commerce
Project Management
WebOS, Online Desktops
Telelearning Online
Domain Services, Hosting
Managed Security Services
Webmaster Tools
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