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Internet Security, Data Protection

Information for Users and Enterprises on Internet Security and Data Protection, Industry Initiatives. For Applications see the Menu at the Right.
News Aggregator and Search Engine

iDefense Labs
Security Intelligence and Research

Information and Tools on IT Security

Information on Internet Security, Tools and Services

Information on Internet Security Issues

Expert Information on Internet Security Analyzer

Internet Security Forum

National Fraud Information Center, NCL (US)

Enterprise Security , professional Information

Information, Enterprise Security, Organizations

Topic, CIO

CSO Online

IT Security Made in Germany
Forum of German IT Security Solution Providers
Content Security

SC Magazine
IT Security Magazine
Resource on Network Security

Marketplace for IT Security Problems, Forum
Windows Server Network Security Resource

Internet Security Organizations

Anti-Botnet-Advisory Centre
Information about Botnets

Ads Integrity Alliance
Anti Malware Initiative

Anti Phishing Working Group

Digital PhishNet
Security Alliance

Anti Phishing Initiative

EuroISPA Phishing Page
Initiative, EuroISPA

PIRT, Phishing Incident Reporting and Termination Squad
Online Anti Phishing Project and Tool

Identity Theft Resource Center

Authentication and Online Trust Alliance

Secure Enterprise 2.0 Forum
Initiative for Enterprise Security on Web 2.0 Usage

WASC, Web Application Security Consortium

OWASP, Open Web Application Security Project
Information, Wiki Forum

Smart Cards

International Security Trust and Privacy Alliance
Initiative on Privacy and Internet Security

Liberty Alliance Project
Network Identity Project

EU Privacy and Identity Management Project

Content Filter Project

Trusted Download Program
Initiative, TRUSTe

ASC, Anti Spyware Coalition

Common Criteria
Security Evaluation Project

Computer Security Institute

CSIA, Cyber Security Industry Alliance

DShield, Distributed Intrusion Detection System

EMSCB, European Multilaterally Secure Computing Base

ENISA, European Network and Information Security Agency
EU Project

EU Security Project

The DMA Safe Harbor Program
Initiative concerning European Legislation on Privacy

CAST, Competence Center for Applied Security Technology
Forum, Initiative on Education of IT Security

GPEN, Global Privacy Enforcement Network
Global Initiative on Data Protection

International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium
Security Professionals Certifications

ISPI, Institute for the Study of Privacy Issues

The Honeynet Project
Network Security Research

MRC, Merchant Risk Council

TCG, Trusted Computing Group Industry Initiative

P3P, Platform for Privacy Preferences Project, W3C
Introduction, Information on the P3P Industry Standard

Web Security Context Working Group

WASC, Web Application Security Consortium

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