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Avatars, Bots, Agents

AI Information, Bot Platforms, Software
News and Developer Network

The Personality Forge
Chatbot Information and Directory

DAI Labor, Distributed Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

DFKI, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

FAIR, Facebook AI Research

Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting
Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks

Robotics Trends

AAAI, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

Web Intelligence Consortium
Initiative on Artificial Intelligence
Collection of historical Chatterbots

Bot Hosting and Development Platforms

AI Information, Bot Platforms, Software

Chatbot Platform

Facebook Messenger Platform
Facebook Chatbot Service

Flow XO
Bot and Chatbot Platform

Pandora Bots
Chatbot Platform
Bot Development Platform and Community

Howdy AI Botkit
Open Source Bot Software by Beep Boop

Open Source Bot Software by GitHub

App and Bot Development Platform
by and for Slack

AI, AR and VR Software and Solutions

Active Worlds
3D Chat, Virtual Reality Platform

Artificial Solutions
Natural Language Interaction

Avatar Software

Chatbots and eCommerce Solutions

AR and VR Platform

FOLDEN.INFO - eMarketing & iMedia

FOLDEN.INFO eMedia Newsfeed
FOLDEN.INFO eMarketing Newsfeed

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Widgets, Web Apps
Internet Visualization
Knowledge Management
Semantic Web
Topic Maps
Web Services

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Graphic Tools
Augmented Reality
Online Maps, Telematics
Rich Media Content
Office Devices
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