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Graphic Information

Initiative, Research on 360 Grad Technologies
News, Forums, Downloads, Resources

ACM Siggraph

Color Matters
Everything about Colors


Information Aesthetics

Kaliber 10000
Magazine, Tools

Information about Font Types
Graphics, Publishing

Smashing Magazine
Web Design Resource and Software Tools

Design Magazine, Resource

Themes Wiki
Web Design, Templates and Themes


SVG, Scalable Vector Graphics
Information, Foren, Community

SVG Open Scalable Vector Graphics
Conference Papers, Streaming Media

TASI, Technical Advisory Service for Images
Information, Resources
CAD, Design, Engineering

Color Marketing Group
Industry Association

Graphics and Games Development

Game Developer

Garage Games

Game Developers Search Engine

Multimedia Programming Language

IGDA, International Game Developers Association

Internet Graphic Standards

Graphics on the Web, W3C

Cascading Style Sheets, W3C

Image Processing Standard

Standard, Programming Interface

Data Format Digital Photography

SVG Open;
Scalable Vector Graphics Information, Conference

SVG, Scalable Vector Graphics, W3C

PNG, Portable Network Graphics

CGM Open
WebCGM, Standard

Internet and Information Visualization

Information, Graphics and Games, Standards, Internet Visualization

Cyber Geography Research
Visualization of and at the Internet

Olive, Online Library of Information Visualization Environments

See also the Rubrics Internet Visualization, Topic Maps und Graphical Search Engines

FOLDEN.INFO - eMarketing & iMedia

FOLDEN.INFO eMedia Newsfeed
FOLDEN.INFO eMarketing Newsfeed

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Graphic Tools
3D Graphics
Augmented Reality
Clipart, Templates
Photo Stocks, Image Archives
Homepage Design
Web Usability, Accessibility

Avatars, Bots, Agents
Internet Visualization
Topic Maps
Online Maps, Telematics
Audio, Video Software
Audio, Video Tools
Rich Media Content
Office Devices
eBooks, Print on Demand
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Project Cooperations
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