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ePayment Organizations

Click and Buy Alliance
Initiative, Web Pay International

Fraud Fighting Community

Electronic Payments Coalition
Industry Initiative

IP Commerce
Open Commerce Network, On Demand ePayment

NACHA, Electronic Payments Association

Open Standards Initiative

Open Payment Standard

PCI Security Standards Council
Data and Account Security

International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium

CEN/ISSS Information Society Standardization System

Mobile Payment Organizations

ePayment, Mobile Payment, Cards, Banking, Projects

MeT initiative
Initiative on Secure Mobile Transactions

MPF, Mobile Payment Forum

Mobey Forum
Contactless Payments, Mobile Commerce

Cards and Smartcards

Multos Consortium
Open Smart Card Standard

OpenCard, Industry Asociation

PCI Security Vendor Alliance
Resource on PCI Data Security Standards

Smart Card Alliance

Smart Payment Association

Banking Organizations

ECBS, European Committee for Banking Standards

EFMA, European Financial Management and Marketing Association

EPCA, European Payments Consulting Association

ETA, Electronic Transactions Association

TWIST, Transaction Workflow Innovation Standards Team
Financial Industry Standards, Financial Workflow

Payment Projects, Alternate Economies

Direct Response Forum

European Payments Council
Single European Payments Area

Geek Credit

System for Network Economies

The Metacurrency Project
Open (Source) Economy and Currency System

Open Money Project

Threebles, Triple Bottom Line Economics
Ecological oriented Currency System

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