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Home Networking Standards

Information on Home Networks, Home Networking Standards, Projects and Facility Management, Organizations.

Home Networking, Standards, Powerline, Organizations

Connected Home News
Broadband Access and Home Networking

Converge Digest
Home Networking Information
Industry News

Computing, Home Networking

Palo Wireless

Congress on Home Automation and Facility Management

Home Networking Standards and Projects

Home Networking Project

Blue-Ray Disc Association


CEDIA, Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association

Various Networking Projects, Home and Industry

DiiVA, Digital Interface for Video and Audio
Home Networking Standard

Video Display Port

DVB to IP Standard,

e-ssist, FHG
Wireless Networking

EWC, Enhanced Wireless Consortium

Femto Forum
Wireless Standard

Home Entertainment Standard

Home Networking Standard

HDMI, High Definition Multimedia Interface

HomeGrid Forum
Home Networking

Homeplane, Home Media Platform and Networks
Home Networking, Home Automation

Home Networking Project

Instinct Project
IP Radio Broadcasting Standard

Media Interoperability Lab
IPTV and Streaming Media Standardization Project

MHP, Multimedia Home Platform

NEM, Networked and Electronic Media Platform

Next Generation Media
Initiative on Networking Innovations, Home Networking, Telematics

NFC Forum
Near Field Communications

iTV Cable Standards

openHAB, open Home Automation Bus
Home Networking Standard

OSGi, Open Services Gateway Initiative

Transfer Jet
Wireless Connectivity

UHAPI Forum, Universal Home API
CE Networking Standard

License System, Using Media on various Devices

UPnP Forum
Interconnection Standard

USB, Universal Serial Bus

UWB Forum
Ultra Wideband Technology

Wi-Fi Alliance

Wi-Fi Direct
Home Networking Standard, Wi-Fi Alliance

Wireless Standard


Z-Wave Alliance
Home Control

ZigBee Alliance Industry Association
Standard on Control of Household Devices

Powerline Communications, PLC

HomePlug Powerline Alliance
Powerline Networking, Home Network Standard

CEPCA, CE-Powerline Communication Alliance
Interoperability, Consumer Electronics Standards
Powerline Networking Standard

Powerline Communications

OPERA, Open PLC European Research Alliance

UPA, Universal Powerline Association
Promotion and Standardization

Home Networking Industry Organizations

Artemis Technology Platform
Embedded Intelligent Systems, EU Project

DCI, Digital Cinema Initiatives

Digital Living Network Alliance

ECMA ICT Standards

Ethernet Alliance

HANA, High-Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance

HomePNA, Home Phoneline Networking Alliance

HTA, Home Theater Alliance

Konnex Association

MMCA, Multimedia Card Association

MoCA, Multimedia over COAX Alliance

NEM, Networked and Electronic Media Platform

Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware

UWB Forum

UWA, Ubiquitous Web Applications
Working Group, W3C

VESA, Video Electronics Standards Association/b>

Wimedia Alliance

WLANA, Wireless LAN Association

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