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Television, iTV Convergence

For Information about Mobile Television see also Mobile Internet.
Expert Information, Industry Directory

Broadband Directions
Breitband und Video Business Intelligence

Broadband Home Central
Expert Information
News, Forum

Broadcast Net
Industry Portal, Forums

Broadcasting and Cable
News, Reports

News, Reports, Reviews
News, Business Directory
Installer Business

CED Magazine
Broadband Technologies, Directories

Digital Media Magazine
Information, Marketplace

Digital Spy
Broadcasting News

Webcasting Media Information

Information European Local Television
Business Information

News on TV over IP Networks

IPTV, VoIP Information

Lost Remote

MCA-I, Media Communications Association International
Media Forum, Community, Resources

Multichannel News
Cable Industry News

New Video Technology
Broadcasting and Internet Video

Reed Electronics Group
Various Publications

Screen Digest
Media News;
Satellite Business
Information, Technologies
Regulations, Technologies

TV Industry News

TVDi, Television Digital e Interactiva
iTV in Spain
TV News, Development
TV Industry News


World Screen
Television, Film

BE Radio
Information Radio Technologies

RWonline, Radio World Newsletter

IPTV Fair, Conference

AudioVideo Dictionary,

MHP, Multimedia Home Platform, and similar Standards

Google TV Web Site Optimization Guide
Guide to develop Websites for Google TV

Interactive TV Web
DVB MHP Information, Tutorials
MHP Development, Delivery Appliance

MHP KnowledgeBase

MHP, Multimedia Home Platform

Multimedia Home Platform
Article: Wikipedia

TV Convergence Projects, Organizations and Standards

TV Industry Information, MHP / Standards, Organizations and Standards

AACS, Advanced Access Content System
Content Protection System, Media Management

Advanced Advertising
Interactive Advertising Standard for Cable Television

AIBD, Asia Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development

ATSC, Advanced Television Systems Committee
Technological Developments

BCD, Broadband Content Delivery Forum
Industry Trade Association

BD Live
Interactivity Standard, Blue-Ray Discs

BRAN, Broadband Radio Access Networks, ETSI
Broadband Standard Project

Research Project

CASBAA, Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia

CEA, Consumer Electronics Association

Digital Interoperability Forum

DiMA, Digital Media Association

Digital Radio Mondiale
Industry Consortium

World DAB Forum
Digital Radio

DVB, Digital Video Broadcasting
Industry Consortium

DICIT, Distant-talking Interfaces for Control of Interactive TV
Audio Control for Interactive TV

FAME, Future Applications and Media
Convergence Projects related to the Internet, TV, Radio and Mobile Media

GMF4ITV, Generic Media Framework for Interactive Television

HbbTV, Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV

HD Home Networking Standard

TV Multimedia Projekt, Standards

EBU, European Broadcasting Union

European Audiovisual Observatory

F.U.N., Free Universe Network
German Initiative

Impala, International MHEG Promotion Alliance
iTV Standard

Interactive Music Network

ISMA, Internet Streaming Media Alliance

iTVC, Interactive TV Consortium

IWA, International Webcasting Association

MAGIC, Fraunhofer Institut
Project, Multimedia Standard

MoCA, Multimedia over Coax Alliance

Open IPTV Forum
Initiative on Standardization

Open IPTV Ecosystem
Initiative on Standardization of Value added Services

Feed Standard for IPTV

Savant, Synchronised and scalable Audio Video content Across Networks

Smart TV Alliance
Multi Platform Smart TV App Development Standard

Television and the Web, W3

Transfer Jet
Wireless Connectivity Standard

TV-Anytime Forum
Initiative Digital Media Storage

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FOLDEN.INFO eMedia Newsfeed
FOLDEN.INFO eMarketing Newsfeed

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