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Telecommunications, Information

For Information about Mobile Communications and Data Services see also Mobile Internet.

Expert Information, Call Centers, ENUM, Industry Organizations News

Europeans Communications Industry News

Hot Telecom
Market Analysis, Reports and Research

IBC Telecoms and Media Events, Studies

InfoSync World Industry News, Reviews

Light Reading Industry News

Point-Topic DSL, Broadband Information VoIP, News, Papers

Telecom Paper
News and Research

TelecomWeb Industry News, Resources

TeleGeography Research

Telephony Online Industry News, Resources

Total Telecom Industry News, Resources

VideoConferencing Insight Newsletter

ARC Group Consultancy, Research

Tarifica Consultancy, Research

Telephia Mobile Business Intelligence

TTI, Telecom Trends International Consulting, Reports

Call Center Expert Information

Call Center eXchange Community

ContactCenterWorld Information, Reports

Customer Interface Information

ENUM Information and Services

Telephone Number Mapping (ENUM), Wikipedia Information

NetNumber Carrier Solutions

Telecommunications Industry Organizations

For Initiatives especially on Mobile Communications and VoIP see Mobile Internet and VoIP, Business Solutions.

Expert Information, Call Centers, ENUM, Industry Organizations

ITU, International Telecommunication Union

ERG, European Regulators Group

ETSI, European Institute for Telecommunications Standards

eTEN, European Community Programme on Telecommunications
Programme Homepage, European Union

ETIS, Global IT Association for Telecommunications

IMTC, International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium

MultimediaCard Association

OSS/J, OSS through Java Initiative
Telecommunications Convergence Platform

Parley Group Open API Standards

TM Forum, TeleManagement Forum
Telecommunication Services Management Frameworks, European Telecommunication-Consultants Association

FITCE, Federation of Telecommunications Engineers of the European Community

Inhope, Association of Internet Hotline Providers in Europe

VMA, International Association for Advanced Voice Services

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FOLDEN.INFO eMarketing Newsfeed

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