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Information, Tools and Tutorials, XML Standards

Information, Standards, Organizations

Cover Pages Information, Resources Information, Resources Information, Resources Industry Portal

Extensible Markup Language (XML), W3C

XML Standards, Common and Specialized

XML is an official standard of the W3C. XML opposite to the Mark Up Language HTML does not have a firmly defined set of commands but is a specification by which a set of commands for various and also industrial purposes may become defined. XHMTL is a XML Standard with defined sets of commands and XML capacities, too. XHTML can be used like HTML but is not supported by every browser yet. In the following one find information on the XML Standard and important industry standards. Further standards and information can be found at Information and Organizations. Security Initiative

OAGi, Open Applications Group XML Applications

OASIS Open Group Information XML Standards a.o.

HR-XML Consortium Human Resources Computing Services

ebXML eBusiness Industry Standard

IPTC, International Press Telecommunications Council
XML Standards at the Reach of News, Television

MDDL, Market Data Description Language

PMML, Predictive Model Markup Language
Data Mining Group

Elmar, Electronic Market (shopinfo.xml)

Standard: Product Information for Search Engine Inclusions (s. Standards)

VoiceXML Forum Voice Business

XBRL, Extensible Business Reporting Language Financials

XMCL, Extensible Media Commerce Language
Standard for Rich Media, Streaming Media

XML involved Initiatives and Organizations

Information, Standards, Organizations

DISA, Data Interchange Standards Association

OAGi, Open Applications Group

OASIS Open Group

OMG, Object Management Group

WfMC, Workflow Management Coalition Industry Portal

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FOLDEN.INFO eMedia Newsfeed
FOLDEN.INFO eMarketing Newsfeed

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