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Internet Organizations

W3C, World Wide Web Consortium
Standardization Gremium: Web, HTML, Webservices etc.

ISOC, Internet Society
Internet Infrastructure Standards

IANA, Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
Domain Name System, Infrastructure

IETF, Internet Engineering Task Force
Internet Networking Standards

IGF, Internet Governance Forum

Internet 2
Developing Future Internet Standards

Economic Organizations and E-Commerce

Electronic Commerce
Topic, WTO, World Trade Organization

Adminet Directory of Authorities

Internet Industry Associations

Business Software Alliance

CEPIS, Council of European Professional Informatics Societies

CERT Internet Security

CMG, Computer Measurement Group

DiMA, Digital Media Association

EIF, European Internet Forum
Internet Industry Association

EuroISPA, Association of Internet Services Providers Associations

FFII, Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure

FIAM, International Federation of Multimedia Associations

Fight for the Future
Initiative on the Future of the Internet

IADIS, International Association for Development of the Information Society

IFIP, International Federation for Information Processing

IMTC, International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium

International Web Association

The Internet Defense League
Initiative on the Future of the Internet

ITU, United Nations Agency for Information and Communication Technologies

SIIA, Software Industry Association

WaSP, The Web Standards Project

WA, WebCaster Alliance Streaming Media

The Web Video Marketing Council
Industry Initiative

WITSA, World Information Technology and Services Alliance

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