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Open Source Software

Information and Resources on Open Source Software and Software Development. Open Source Projects and particular Software is located at Open Source Software.

Information, Rating, Search, Linux, Organizations

Open Source Community and Network

OS Reviews
News, Directory

Google Code
Open Source Projects, Resources

Information on Open Source 3D and VR

Open Source Software Community, Collaboration

Open Source Wiki

Open Source Software Development

Resources, Support Services

Sustainable Research
Information, Blog about Open Source Software
Open Source Community

Apple Open Source Projects

Open Source Software Rating

Business Readiness Rating
Open Source Software Rating Initiative Open Source Software Tests

OSDL, Open Source Development Labs Linux Rating

QualOSS, Quality of Open Source Software
Open Source Software Quality Measurement Platform

Open Source Software Directories and Code Search Engines

Open Source Mac
Open Source Software Directory for Mac

Open Source Windows
Open Source Software Directory for Windows

BeOS Application Directory

Directory and Project Hosting

Google Code Search

Search Engine on Open Source Codes

Open Source Code Search Engine
Community on Open Desktop Software and Applications News, Directory Marketplace
Service Market on Open Source Software

Linux Information, Software and Projects
Information, Directory

RPMseek Directory

Linux Journal

Linux Weekly News



OIN, Open Invention Network Linux Patent Project

CELF, CE (Consumer Electronics) Linux Forum

LiMo Foundation Linux Mobile Platform

Eurolinux Alliance

The Linux Documentation Project

CodeWeavers Windows Linux Transition

WINE Development HQ Windows Linux Transition

Trans Gaming Games to Linux Transition

Open Source Software Organizations and Standards

Information, Rating, Search, Linux, Organizations

FSF Europe
Free Software Foundation

Free Software Foundation

FSG, Free Standards Group Initiative

IOSN, International Open Source Network UN Project

ISC, Internet Systems Consortium

Oasis Open E-Business Standards

ObjectWeb Middleware Mobile Devices

OMA, Open Mobile Alliance

Open Source Consortium

OSBF, Open Source Business Foundation

OCBI, Open Cloud Business Initiative

OSA, Open Solutions Alliance

OSADL, Open source Automation Development Lab

Open Web Foundation Hardware
Power Architecture, Hardware Development Standards

Open Management Consortium
Open Source Management Software Initiative

OSI, Open Source Initiative

OSSI, Open Source Software Institute

OSTG, Open Source Technology Group

The Open Group
Interoperability, Standardization

The Web Standards Project

Center of Open Source and Government

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